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where's the cheaper place to get the warm pile liner?
I have a brand new pair of tan suede dovers in 8.5. anyone want to trade for snuff suede? ptb or dover?
after ordering from wconcept did you actually get an email? It's been an hour for me and no email.
i have black somets for sale if people are looking for black denim
does anyone own both the 257 and 256 and use both? I have a 257 but these days since I've stopped bringing lunch into work and not carrying a laptop my 257 is mostly empty and seems way too big. but buying a 256 seems kind of pointless unless it is that much smaller? All i'm really carrying now is a book, nalgene water bottle, phone charger, a snack or 2 and a small umbrella
to be honest the apple store is pretty worthless when it comes to computer repairs. I say send out your HD to a third party company. I've used SalvageData in the past and they were able to recover all the data on my harddrive. I now have back ups of back ups.
agreed on those bumpers. terrible. they are also getting too big. I'm still driving my E39 M5 and I want to downsize. M4 rear reminds me of M6 . not a fan.
I wonder what will happen with Lands End and Sears. One of the reasons I buy from them now is beause I can just walk into Sears to return/exchange.
I thought none of the packaged goods could be returned. that's what they usually say in the store.
I almost never see matching tops and bottoms on sale though otherwise I'd give it a shot.
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