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agreed on those bumpers. terrible. they are also getting too big. I'm still driving my E39 M5 and I want to downsize. M4 rear reminds me of M6 . not a fan.
I wonder what will happen with Lands End and Sears. One of the reasons I buy from them now is beause I can just walk into Sears to return/exchange. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/12/06/us-sears-landsend-idUSBRE9B50K120131206
I thought none of the packaged goods could be returned. that's what they usually say in the store.
I almost never see matching tops and bottoms on sale though otherwise I'd give it a shot.
CGT is not like a death trap. it IS a death trap. I'd still love to own one though. porsches catch on fire all the time it seems.
and a gallardo is a fake lambo
20% off in the mailers is the highest discount i've ever seen with LLbean.
now the problem is finding a case that keeps the phone just as nice! yea I first was thinkiing about the yellow but thought that I might get tired of it after a while. moto assist is pretty sweet. I like having my text messages read to me as I drive.
I might have a 20% off code at home. I remember getting a mailer but there is 10% off on the website right now along with a $10 gift card
anyone here drive electric cars? opinion? love/hate? (is there an electric car thread?) I'm getting a little tired of my MPG's on my E39 M5. deciding whether to keep and buy a leaf or something comparable or to just sell it and get something else fun and smaller.
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