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$200 shipped in lower 48 states. It kills me to sell these but I can no longer fit them. By far my most favorite pair of denim that I've owned. plenty of life left! chainstitched hem washed 4 times and 2 soaks. measurements in inches waist 15.5 inseam 32 thigh 10.75 hem 7
looking for grana promo invite
had a pair of 005s and loved them. definitely looking to get another pair with a slightly different cut. the thighs eventually got too tight for me. where can I see the different cuts?
oxfords all sold out. thanks reddit edit: there are 2 sets of oxfords? ones with a colored stripe inside by the collar and ones without. What is the difference? I think I own a few with the stripe inside currently
do you guys post up sales on APC in this thread? looking for a new pair soon
Somet 018. Same cut as 008 but this is black raw. worn only 4 times. never soaked or washed. retail price $325 which is what I paid hemmed at BIG tagged size 28 measurements waist 15.5 inseam 31 thigh 11 knee 7.25 front rise 8.25 back rise 12 hem 6.75 BIG...
PBJ Pure Blue Japan XX-005. Slim Straight Indigo Purchased from BIG. They did the hemming as well. Love these jeans but no longer fit them. The slubby texture is awesome! Tagged size 29 measurements waist 15.25 inseam 31 thigh 10.5 knee 7.5 front rise 9 rear rise 13 hem 7.5 right rear pocket has a small hole from my wallet right knee honey comb area has a tiny hole some stitching is coming apart on the rear pockets. washed 3 or 4 times? quarter sized hole in the top...
$90 shipped and including paypal fees in lower 48 states. APC new standard. tag size 27 Washed 3 times. measurements are as follow waist 15-15.25 inseam 32.5 thigh 11 knee 8.25 front rise 10 rear rise 13.5 leg opening 7.5 a little fraying on the bottom of each leg opening right rear pocket has small hole from my wallet
here are 2 of mine SKX007 SARG011
Persol 9649S size 55 / 18 Smoky Havana Brown gradient lens No scratches no blemishes. Comes with cleaning cloth and original case
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