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Quote: jason, what were the articles for? a term paper or something like that? Esquire., One was my undergraduate thesis; one is something I adapted from part of my Master's thesis; and the third is a knowledge/theory dump of miscellaneous thoughts, emails and online chats I've had with some people about the text. Someday I ought to get serious and edit the work for a collection and shop it around to publishers.
Quote: What is the most scarey situation you have ever been put in? Was it an accident? Was it breaking down [without a phone] in the middle of no-where? Tell us about your most frightening situation. 9/11. Number two is something that I tend to repeat every few years: finish whatever I'm working on and throw all my stuff in a rented truck and move to a new city. But that's the good kind of scary: it's exhilerating and rewarding and keeps me from...
A pair of really poorly designed Ray-Bans. I forget the model name, but since I bought them three or four years ago I'm sure you can't find them anymore. Which is good: the plastic ends of the temples have scratched the hell out of the lenses and taught me a very important lesson. I've been reading this thread with interest and making some notes. Thanks, all.
Quote: Would you please post articles you've written on novel? So is this desire to kill a desire for consumption? Horace, thank you for your interest in my work. The articles are a bit long to post in a message, but shoot me a PM with your email address and I'll be happy to send you a PDF or two. I'd be happy to do the same for any other interested forum members as well. At a basic level it could be argued that Bateman's murderous fantasies are a...
I find it to be tacky, tasteless, and insensitive. So many other artists have reacted so much more intelligently and creatively*; I fail to see the point in this guy's actions, which seem like the exploitative reaction of a publicity hound. *It's easy enough to find still photographs of the jumpers, and those - I've just had a look at some of them - are chilling. And certainly more poignant than a recreation 4 years after the fact.
I guess I'm a bit late to this party. Anyway... I liked the novel well enough to write a couple of articles on it, and I could go on for hours discussing the ins and outs of violence, consumption, sexuality, and fantasy. I can't speak for anyone else, of course, but a good measure of what I enjoy about the novel is its (dark) reflection of a certain subset of 1980s society. Some of the themes, particularly those dealing with consumer goods and identity formation, are...
Quote: Isn't this whle birthday thing sort of an odd custom? I was thinking the same thing myself, Steve. For me, it's just another day. I'm much happier to celebrate my specific accomplishments than I am to inflate a day that, in reality, I had very little to do with. (Thanks, mom and dad. For everything.) Nonetheless, thank you for your warm wishes on behalf of the SF community. Best regards, Jason.
8K3WC9V = free shipping, valid until 5/24. 8KRFDYP = 10% off, valid until 5/22. Apparently these codes are not exclusive. The initial 15% off code I posted has been used at least three times to my knowledge. YMMV.
Out of curiosity, what's the verdict on the (seemingly countless number of ) special glasses for liquors like Scotch, bourbon, whatever? I'm no hardcore connoisseur, but if I'm paying top dollar for my booze is it worth my while to pick up a dedicated glass or two?
Quote: How about some nicer casual clothing? Some linen pants, either in the looser drawstring variety, or the slimmer-fitting trouser style (a little more dressy). I also recommend button-front linen shirts. Agreed. I'd second the recommendation on outlet shops, and also recommend thrift stores and eBay/Bluefly. Or maybe you've got an older relative who you can convince to give you a couple of items? If you're bridging college with job interviews,...
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