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beautiful, thank you! (just checked the site... sadly, they seem to have a 4 tie minimum. looks like i'll have to wear out 3 more ties) does anyone know anything about Peninou?
Salvatore Ferragamo = tier 2?
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas My main concern is not the tie but rather WTF you were doing drinking an apple-tini. Good point, I was basically handed it by someone at a holiday party. Might as well finish it... didn't anticipate that the funny shaped cup made me 'miss' the rim and spill.
Thanks everyone, looks like it is water or bust. Would rather live with the stain than have it destroyed. Does anyone know if the sugars will rot over time?
Thanks for the tips, but ... is water safe for silk ties? If the label on the tie says dry-cleaning is ok... should I just ignore all the warnings and just go for it? It is a ferragamo tie, so perhaps their silk is treated differently?
So my really nice silk tie had apple-tini spilled on it. It dried, and left an alcohol stain (darker color) on it, that doesn't look too bad or noticeable. However, my main concern is that the sugars of the alcohol will rot over time, destroying my tie which should last for a long time. I read that dry cleaning my tie will also be bad for it. Given that 1/4 of the tie was soaked, what should I do? This is my first nice tie, so I have an attachment to it. >.<
I bought a new pair of Cole Haan Lucarno Cap toe from the store, but they ordered it online for me because they didn't have the particular model in stock. When the shoe arrived in the mail, the right shoe looked like the leather piece was old, and the insole was also older looking the the other. At first, I thought they must have given me a store display model (and i still kind of think that way), but it has never been worn (no creases where you would find the first...
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