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it's got nuttin, on this mutton
It's because the noodles are the sauce. First, he made Kraft Macaroni and cheese "flour" by preparing it as on the box, freezing in LN2, then powdering. Then he mixed that with 00 flour and some water and put it through his extruder. He's quite modernist.
skewer the fish and grill over the open flame, no grate.
Or he could just become a model Californian.
Perhaps you should have pulled up the "The Only Things a Waiter Should Say" thread on your phone.
It would be nice if more people would sell good stuff and just stfu with all the obnoxious backstories about their artisanal gourmet organic free range handraised products.
Glad you've found some flat welled plates. Did you get the pigeons from that farm that Vedat likes?
Do you care for coffee, sir?
Also, what if they asked, ""May we clear this presentation sir?" "
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