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Oh, the bass quality was pretty good. 15 or so gastroville points.
Probably the collar and the raw one. Camera battery was dead so I had to use the iPhone camera, which made it impossible to get an action shot though. I'm glad I tried the poach-saute also, though "I was underimpressed by the quality of [my] ingredients" in that dish. I'll cook fish like that more often though.
I believe Matt puts his pizza on the toppings.
Raw with young celery, blood orange, sorrel and arugala blossoms, Olive Oil Armando Manni "per mio figlio" "Bonbon" with turnips and pistachio. Broth infused with cinnamon Collar with peas, coconut and rhubarb Poach-sauteed with green garlic, favas, goose turds, and pak choi. Forgot that I bought hedgehogs that would have been nice with it. Roasted with young shallot, buckwheat and oyster emulsion
Black Bass: Symphony #1 in 5 Movements (:
Yea the person I got the tip from noted that it was rising meteorically on tabelog. I'll go out on a limb and predict a visit from bibendum in the fall.Might not have seen the ramen shop because we got kind of lost on the way (took the wrong fork in the road out of the subway station and had to stop in Lawson's or whatever to have them point us in the right direction) and ended up coming the far way down the street that it's on.
Don't think so. It's in the basement of a nondescript building.You look down onto this from the street.
That's another market of people who might need the benefits of a precisely temperature controlled water bath though.
If you'd memorized The French Laundry book, you'd know that they discuss chlorophyll in there.
Seizan (Haruyama)—Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyohttp://seizan-mita.com/http://r.tabelog.com/tokyo/A1307/A130702/13127807/Seizan is a kappo restaurant that opened last summer, manned by Haruhiko Yamamoto, in his early thirties, with seemingly 10+ years working at places in the country with which I’m not familiar. Apparently the same Kanji can be Seizan or Haruyama, so I guess that’s how it got the name. It’s a pretty streamlined setup—8 or so counter seats, a private room, and a...
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