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Not quite. That's actually the answer to my previous contest, though the year was a bit earlier.Not Bras.
Ducasse is the warmest, but not quite.
Found this funny in light of today's article.What year, and who's being quoted?
You're better than spoons.Rumor has it that Robuchon tasted the mashed potatoes at Jamin by way of hand-shovel. Don't know it's true because I wasn't there, but if it is, that's pretty awesome.Look up.Also, I've seen some high end places (Bouley I think, and I think possibly Arpege) just use plastic spoons 1x.Or you can transfer from a clean spoon into one or two spoons that you keep only for tasting. So you go...Clean spoon into the pot-->pour onto your "dirty" tasting...
Is the first one from EMP or Terroir Parisien?
Hi Ray!
Yea those are obviously good too. When I had outdoor space, I was able to get that effect with this stuff. Probably couldn't do it on a propane grill.++
Unfortunately this kind of attitude and the intertwined publicist-driven restaurant culture (can't believe I typed that, but I can't think of a better way to describe it) is the reason that dining out in New York is a lot shittier than it should be.Obviously she doesn't. You sound so cool though.LOL. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/forkintheroad/2012/03/my_dinner_at_da.php
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