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Ah, I was referring to the entire space. Didn't know Nougatine stayed open.
I think JG is closed on Sunday's though, so that could weigh into his decision.
Are there any places on Montauk that are particularly good to buy fish from?
Has King Nathan looked into this?
but you're american. B1os, you should soak it for at least 36 hours, preferably in distilled water.
Never been to a TK restaurant so I don't know what happens at them. But a kitchen being technically incompetent is different than throwing salt on everything without fail. In fact there appear to be a ton of google hits for Bouchon oversalting.BTW, have you been to Les Vinum in Nishi-Azabu? You should check it out. Nice game/meats, not oversalted, pretty reasonably priced.
Spain too. And I didn't really find the food in Tokyo (admittedly a limited sample) that un-salty. Some things were incredibly salty. I don't even generally disagree with a lot of what your saying, but you should try arguing it with a little more subtlety, instead of playing pretend Mikael Jonsson.
Did you go anywhere coming anywhere close to having the aspirations/price of Sant Pau and Esaki?
I kid of course.
I think you forgot something? Or is it something different?
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