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A lot of fish left on that fish. Where from? Weight?
French/Swiss bros have been frothing sauces like that since at least the 80s
+1,000The beef cheek and pistachio one also.
Epicerie Boulud Despaña
His meal appeared to have the requisite yuzu and wasabi though.
Found the email from the Park Hyatt concierge about Yukimura (this was basically the same for Ishikawa, Koju, and some other places as well, at lower prices.) When you reserve, you basically pick from three price levels from 22K-40K(Crab), all are the same number of courses, the difference being the expense of the product (e.g. the more expensive ones likely include crab, wagyu, etc).Also, Andy Hayler on Yukimura
Yea that looks pretty awesome in his book. It's somewhat strange to see him beating butter into it in the instruction photos. I think Yukimura might be super spendy (40K???), but Ishikawa probably barely cost more than you spent at EMP (and definitely less than you spent on Le B.)
Have you gone to Yukimura or Kadowaki yet?
I think the tasting menu is like 360. But totally unncessary. It has some classics on it, but there are many available a la carte as well.Since the portions are massive, you can do very well ordering 2 entrees, a fish and a meat split 2 for 1, plus cheese and dessert and it will be around 200 for food. They'll probably also send you the carrot/spinach for free.
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