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I was mainly joking. I just thought of that when you mentioned it.
That kid from Duke that was on the today show beat you to it.
Forgot about him. But he is able to charge $75/head to people for dinner, so he shouldn't really be in there. The poster "Vadouvan" has some very informative threads in the Philadelphia forum that are worth taking a look at (from 2005-6 or so).
The Gullet really has gone quite downhill. There used to be people who actually could cook on there. Now all that's left is PrawnCrackers and MGM.
It looks like oxidized supermarket ground beef flattened with a wire potato masher or something.
the gullet agrees
Same except with 5-6" petty knife.
Kuhn Rikon nonstick watermelon knife
So while I was reading the 2nd/3rd paragraph, I was thinking that all they needed was a well curated craft cocktail program... "panna cotta made with crème fraiche" GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!!!
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