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Did you learn that on eGutter?
Max, are you cooking this tonight? http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/us/2014/06/11/pkg-rare-yellow-lobster-found.wtnh.html
It looks like the before photo in an androgel commercial
or any of this https://twitter.com/ArpegeLive
If you open a restaurant in BH, you can probably supplement your income quite a lot by re-selling residual "substances" that may be left on the bathroom counters.
I ate at a vegan restaurant tonight. It was vile. I don't understand--it's California--just serve the fucking vegetables; it's not that hard.
What if we create a silicon mold from the lobster shell, pour in lobster stock, dehydrate, demold, airbrush the lobster shell "crisp" with lobster coral and gold leaf, then put the lobster back inside?
Did you have the swan a la royale when you were there, Matt?
more caribineros for the rest of us
New Posts  All Forums: