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That is a good one. The pumpkin seeds that they have there are #dope.
To be clear, it wasn't opened for "rating" or scoring or any bullshit like that. My friend saw something about Paolo Bea and really wanted to try it for whatever reason, so we popped it open. It's just fucking wine, and it's not like it's that expensive. After a glass, it was obvious that the four of us weren't going to finish it, and that it didn't really go with the food, so I popped something else. It was there in the decanter for however many days it took to finish, so...
Probably more like 5-6 days I guess, Sat-Thurs. Probably about 60-62 in my apartment.
Yes. My friend brought it and really wanted to try it, so it was decanted about 4 hours before we ate, and probably 6 hours before we poured any. Still way to little time. It got much better and less harsh over the course of a week, but still probably needs at least a few years. Interesting as a learning experience I guess. Especially day 1, it was really, disjointed? Hard to really put in words.
sous vide boneless, skinless chicken breast
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