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His hog has an interesting shape.
We didn't.Similar idea. It's a bresse poularde cooked in an ox bladder at a restaurant in Copenhagen. Good stuff.
Is his table large enough for a light of that diameter?
Narisawa is unappealing to me, so I haven't been. I've not heard great things about it, and it seems like it could be anywhere. At 20,000 JPY pp you could get dinner somewhere like Seizan Mita, Okuda, Ishikawa, or Goryu Kubo. For bars, definitely check out Bar Benfiddich in Shinjuku.
At the expense of adding a glory hole.
Most important tip--get pocket wifi. Search tabelog to get an idea of places that you might want to eat. It should be baseball season when you're there. Highly recommended. Particularly the Swallows if they're playing at home.
It suggests serving it with Bigarrade sauce, which is acidic. If you get good foie and good duck, then it will probably be pretty good. After everything's rendered it's not even that much fat.
Knowing nothing about your tastes, who you're going with, etc., I'd say Savoy. The new location looks amazing, and the chances of disappointment are much lower than somewhere like Arpege. IIRC you also get to order off the full menu.In any of those places, unless you have amazing self control, prepare to pay a bit more than the menu price. Champagne? Sure why not? Coffee? Of course. . . . You get the idea.I'd consider Le Cinq also (Le Squer is the best IMO), but check what...
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