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The colors appear to be over-saturated.
What are umai bags?
Sold my Ambroisie book for a profit margin that would make the Fabulous Fab Toure blush and Amazon finally put the money in my bank account.
Yea I just got some from uline that were recommended in some wine board thread. But they seem to be incredibly inefficient still. I can get maybe 6 cases in a "12 case" locker with them.
How do you guys store wines in your lockers? Any rack system recommendations? I can't get anywhere close to the quoted capacity. Part of the problem is that it's probably based on Bordeaux bottles, but can't really find any good solutions.
Why is there a random anemic strawberry on the cutting board?
Can't decide. Trying to take advantage of the low Euro. vs
All are 3 fold construction, 61" length and 3.75" width. 1. Navy/Blue/Silver Stripe 2. Multistripe on Burgundy 3. Sky Blue with Pattern Dots 4. Gray Grenadine 5. Navy Grenadine sold 6. Royal Grenadine 7. Grey with Sky/Pink Stripe 8. Burgundy Pindot sold Prices include shipping.
That word is NOT ok.
This guy fucks.
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