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I'm going to bring some tweezers to the whole foods salad bar and see how long it takes me to get kicked out trying to recreate that.
Whoever came up with this idea should have their carrot ground into minced amazingness.
You're okay with farmed fish though?
Hideki Ishikawa had one of the funnier reactions I've ever seen when I asked him about Masa.
I'm pretty sure he got a sweetheart deal from the developer in order to lure him into that complex. Maybe that's expired at this point though.
I guess it's just off-putting because it seems like more of a fuck you because I can and foie gras sounds like it should be super expensive more than it actually costing significantly more money than some of the other things that they serve (but yes, good for them if people will pay it). But, never been, don't really have plans to go, so no skin off my back.
Isn't the most offensive thing about the foie still the fact that he charges a $40 supplement for like $3 of foie gras?
I think it's only like 10 euros. Just tack it on to Amazon with Passedat, OdB, and Verot when you get them.
Now that's an idea in food.
BTW you should get his Aperos and Clafoutis books for your next cocktail party. They brought me the big book to read, and when I mentioned that I had it and loved it they produced them in about 4 seconds "so I didn't get bored with the other one."
New Posts  All Forums: