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But really at the end of the day of you have s nice steak you shouldn't cook it sous vide
Looks nice. Is 42 grams a drug reference? Maybe that's why the portions are so small. Appetite suppression etc....
Offsite storage ✔️ 😎😎👍🍷🍷
I'm pleased with how small it is (TWSS). The footprint is maybe 1/4 of my old Julabo unit (which, after searching my gmail I learned that I rented for $10/year for 6 years after reselling it on ebay).
Mine did too. I have duck legs in the freezer but it's going to be like 90 degrees so 0% here.
That's why you finish with high heat, such as binchotan or foaming butter, right before serving. . . .
Pre-searing tastes better (you still hit with heat after the bag as well). But either method will kill the bacteria and other shit on the surface of the meat, which will decrease the chance of there being an off smell when it comes out of the bag.
Jumbo White Asparagus from Holland
The Parmesan top-hats are cute.
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