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Who's this? http://www.grubstreet.com/2013/10/robuchon-atelier-new-york-opening.html
The Couteaux one could use an elegant twirl of pasta. Or are you cutting back on carbs?
Is that the Frechon one?
The first time you wake up hungover and try to make eggs, I'd say the difference becomes clear.
It's not in NY, but since I didn't have one for the past few years, it counts as a RWNYS.
Irrationally excited
He's really making Séba earn the reigns to the place, isn't he?
I'm going to bring some tweezers to the whole foods salad bar and see how long it takes me to get kicked out trying to recreate that.
Whoever came up with this idea should have their carrot ground into minced amazingness.
You're okay with farmed fish though?
New Posts  All Forums: