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http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/12/dining/drew-nieporent-to-open-batard-in-cortons-former-space.html?_r=0 Isn't Markus Glocker the guy that Marko was talking about? Hopefully they've gotten new shirt buttons. And service staff.
navets MAUVES. cooked in mandarin juice/duck consomme, pistache, couscous cooked with saffron.
Canard apicius
Hope the eG border protection folks don't come after you again.
duck, sauce bigarade
His looks cooked in the video. It reappears in the mega-book I'm pretty sure...what's that say?
Made it again tonight but with harissa. Might be even better that way.
Indeed. My foie terrine is maturing and i didn't want to break the seal so I made the sweet potato puree with coconut instead. Pretty good as well.
Tandoori chicken
New Posts  All Forums: