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Do you add goldbond to the water?
I just had to close the blinds in my office because the sun is overpowering right now.
sugarfishsunninfresh corn grillIn your driving range. . .LucquesConnie and Ted's maybeI've not been to Chi Spacca but some people like itThough if you eat dinner on the later side and use uber so you don't have to park, you can cover quite a bit of ground in 20 minutes.
It's been a while. I recall a lot of sous vide.
You can do a S.T.A.Y. Beverly Hills pop-up.Rustic canyon maybe.
Rephrase, this sounds like one of those adult websites.What was it, the mexican dinner?
Yea they were as good as I remember the Paris location being, but distinctively American (in a very good way). Really fun time. Apparently either local health or the USDA cracked down on them doing poularde en vessie, but there may be a series of winks and nudges that could help them find one.
Thanks for the Rec. Great buffet, tho the one at the Excalibur horse stable is a sleeper for number 1. I was shocked by some of the values on that wine list. Got Daguenau Pur Sang 2009 for 140.
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