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Swiss chard stems, 90/20
I will make a sacrifice to Evgeni in hopes that they return.
Because I'm not that good, and also the pictures from the actual restaurant don't have them standing up either. Sorry. I also need to get a non-silicone brush and butter the molds better. FYI, at least in my super convection toaster oven, they need 5 more degrees and 5-7 more minutes than the recipe says.
Foie gras dariole, morels
handsome jus
SOS Chefs is prolly your best bet.
Buy those chickens. They're very good. Not quite as good as the chickens Max delivers, but also about 1/4 of the price, and currently D'Artagnan has free shipping. Infinitely better texture (dense, no rubber) than anything I've found locally.
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