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Handsome mousseline drizzle.
To storage we shall go. I will post more pictures of the bottles with no commentary in 6 months-several years from now.
Do you ever play Raspberry Falls? Loved that place when I lived in DC.
Hopefully golf's decline in popularity will continue then. . . .
Just got re-hooked after a layoff since, probably the heyday of BSG. Forgot how fun this is (minus some of the jackasses). Too bad that all of the private clubs here don't take new members (and are in any event $200K+), lol.
Gelson's had it mismarked at $6.50/block at the end of February. Kopped a lot. muhahahahha. First time anyone has ever gotten a deal at that store.
Wut brand? Le meunier?
Gilles Lafouge 2012s from Martin Bart and Gilles Lafouge; Lovely Burgundies, Great Values!! "Value" and "Burgundy" are words that don't frequently go together and yet these two estates consistently produce beautiful wines which we are able to offer at extremely reasonable prices. The 2012 vintage is particularly successful for both Bart and Lafouge with the wines showing great purity of fruit, bright acidity and great terroir expression and balance. (Please note: Bart...
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