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Gilles Lafouge 2012s from Martin Bart and Gilles Lafouge; Lovely Burgundies, Great Values!! "Value" and "Burgundy" are words that don't frequently go together and yet these two estates consistently produce beautiful wines which we are able to offer at extremely reasonable prices. The 2012 vintage is particularly successful for both Bart and Lafouge with the wines showing great purity of fruit, bright acidity and great terroir expression and balance. (Please note: Bart...
Gome have you had the Bart that Chambers is pimpin'? Delicious category?
Any laser rangefinder recommendations?
^ that's a good idea. I think there's a Heston B Peking duck thing where he cooks the skin in a fairly involved process. Just the project for Max-san.
sous vide duck skin burger
duck skin lasagne
Is the sorbet on the pizza? Very innovative.
Swiss chard stems, 90/20
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