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If only it closed a day earlier...
Two questions:Glaze, or bark?Are there actually any French guys that have restaurants? I've certainly not heard of any.
I went to Mikawa Zezankyo last week. Your discussion hits it, except that I'm not sure that anything was revelatory (though I also had very good asparagus). But I don't know that Im in a rush to return to a specialist tempura restaurant that soon because the tempura frying at Kadowaki, Matsukawa, Ishikawa etc. is just as good, with equally good ingredients (if not better).But maybe it's just that I kind of didn't really want more fried things (no matter how well done)...
Probably a result of doing it in a mold and pressing down on it excessively. Our boy would compress that shit in the vacuum sealer and a ton of salt though /ideainfood.
Maybe you wouldn't have morning runs if you didn't eat so much dairy?
Can't help it; I'm big in Japan.
Abalone with grilled sea cucumber ovary Iced soba Ayu Unagi Hamo shabu shabu
Had the restaurant to myself yesterday for most of dinner. You should go. It's great. 25 with a bunch of beer.
A bunch of Ayu and Hamo, half of a $12 fig, among other things.
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