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Inviting the commentary of he who is matt . . . .
There are a lot of stool sample sales on Craigslist you can probably get a deal.
Graphite and fig on the nose; rye bread; chicken broth; hazelnut. Space 🍷😎👍👍
You need to eat some protein if you wanna get shredded like evgeni.
Well the original name of the company is something like Hiroshima Wood Industry, so it kinda makes little sense. . .
300 Tours, zodias and lime green oziks bro!
The slicing of the radishes could be more even.
I clicked a link that took me to an adultfriendfinder link so maybe not. I think there were a lot of articles/blogs about Todd defrauding people (shocker) back in 2006-07 but I forget the specifics.ETA:
He modified an aerogarden.
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