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Fridge. It's already oxidized it's fine for a while. You could freeze in a mason jar too.
Ham truck.
I have the round one. it's nice.
Do you eat it, the bass, like a cupcake?
Roethlisberger jersey
Ramp top ice creamburnt ramp couilsblanch the leaves then wrap fishcook in the gastrovac then puree to make an elegant swoosh with raw ramp tastethrow them at hipsters
Max, which of these trucker hats do you like best? I'll get it for you so you can fit in next time you're in LA.
The drizzles could be more handsome, but the glazing of the fish looks beautiful. You treated that bass well.
you've never drawn one on another picture? that's like 64% of my snaps.
But I already have snap chat...
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