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This is a great service. I'll vouch for it.
Veal is upside down.
Yes. Get 'em nice and thick. TWSS.
Le BristolMarie Cantin + a hotel room/park bench
I've never been, but some of his food looks nice. I can't imagine it's bad, and if it carries some sentimental value, then I'm sure you'd have a nice time (especially in a setting like that). Maybe not "the best"--whatever that means--but restaurants don't need to exist on some type of linear hierarchy, unless you happen to be in the sparkling water business.ETA: Go, he's usually fairly reliable--...
brasserie thoumieux l'ami jean garance (less classic, considerable arpege influence tho)
Where did you find such large and regularly shaped sand dollars to use as plates?
Handsome mousseline drizzle.
To storage we shall go. I will post more pictures of the bottles with no commentary in 6 months-several years from now.
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