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Do you eat it, the bass, like a cupcake?
Roethlisberger jersey
Ramp top ice creamburnt ramp couilsblanch the leaves then wrap fishcook in the gastrovac then puree to make an elegant swoosh with raw ramp tastethrow them at hipstershttps://twitter.com/ArpegeLive/status/581068419476398080
Max, which of these trucker hats do you like best? I'll get it for you so you can fit in next time you're in LA. http://www.basspro.com/Hats-%26-Caps/_/S-12600001006
The drizzles could be more handsome, but the glazing of the fish looks beautiful. You treated that bass well.
you've never drawn one on another picture? that's like 64% of my snaps.
But I already have snap chat...
Inviting the commentary of he who is matt . . . .http://focussnapeat.com/a-review-of-the-dinner-party-at-lazy-bear-in-san-francisco/
There are a lot of stool sample sales on Craigslist you can probably get a deal.
Graphite and fig on the nose; rye bread; chicken broth; hazelnut. Space 🍷😎👍👍
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