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I clicked a link that took me to an adultfriendfinder link so maybe not. I think there were a lot of articles/blogs about Todd defrauding people (shocker) back in 2006-07 but I forget the specifics.ETA: http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/311297-is-the-other-site-done-for-good-merged/page__st__720http://bigstealergolf.blogspot.com/
He modified an aerogarden.
Looks like lloritos.
I went to the Maruni showroom in Tokyo. Very nice stuff, but very JDM-sized. Really wanted to kop this, but the top didn't even come up to my neck.
I didn't read numbers 1-4, but for #5 I suggest you search this forvm for posts by "GrillinFool".
This is a great service. I'll vouch for it.
Veal is upside down.
Yes. Get 'em nice and thick. TWSS.
Le BristolMarie Cantin + a hotel room/park bench
I've never been, but some of his food looks nice. I can't imagine it's bad, and if it carries some sentimental value, then I'm sure you'd have a nice time (especially in a setting like that). Maybe not "the best"--whatever that means--but restaurants don't need to exist on some type of linear hierarchy, unless you happen to be in the sparkling water business.ETA: Go, he's usually fairly reliable--...
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