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What could this be negotiated down to with low euro/architect discount/etc.
See my post from 2-3 years ago. Fuck bicyclists.
Do it.
Peter Lauer Barrel X. Bottle disappears quickly. Good thing I kopped a case.
Did you sprout any extra fingers/thumbs/etc when you got out?
fair. But this one bills itself as "crafting the future of food" ( I always thought that was dippin' dots), so I think the emphasis is warranted.
Got it at Wine House in LA. I think Fass selection sells it on preorder also, so maybe would turn up at Chambers and/or Crush.
Champagne Suenen. fucking legit.
Went to a pretentious vegan restaurant tonight. Food was actually very good. BUT, they put pink kimberly clark soap in an Aesop bottle, which is #notokay. I hope the LaTimes investigates.
New Posts  All Forums: