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I thought there would be pictures of fleece vests.
The dangerous thing about the model (as a customer) is that it's very easy to just reply "Yes" when the offer emails come in. The Jerome Galeyrand and Vincent Ledy burgundies that he sells are quite good QPR wise.
Was it seized by Seal Team 6?
subscribe to Lyle Fass's mailing list. There are many.
Cooked on a foreman grill?
No. I compressed my brain in a sous vide bag so it retains its moisture.
Doesn't the lettuce get kind of soggy if you bake it like that?
~1"/3 cm pastry cutter, ravioli cutter, etc. More economically, one of Robuchon's disciples does a similar tart, but microplanes the truffle on top.
Mix them in with the onion/bacon marmalade that goes underneath the rosace.
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