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I've recently been getting back into shape and am now at the point where I'm needing new clothes. Knowing this would come, I planned on, finally, buying a pair of raw denim jeans for the first time around Christmas. Now that time has come, and I've also added a jacket to that dream. My main question is, where can I find a raw denim jacket that I can wear and distress with daily use? I want this to have just as much personality over time as my jeans will. It would be...
You mention the jeans being a bit too big, what size are you normally, do they just fit big as a 35?
will buy if it falls through
I think I'm gonna go with the canon rebel xsi. I'm not sure if I should get the kit or body and then a better lense. If I got just the body I would have no idea what lense to pick or where to get it from.
Also looking to buy my first DSLR camera. I just signed up for a photography class in college so I am in need of one next semester, trying to figure out what would be best, leaning towards canon from what I've read so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated
do you combine shipping?
Hawk or no? Yes?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic I'd never leave the house without an NBC suit. You can fit one in a rucksack pretty easily. +1
+1 Wahl clippers.
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