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While I do need something to keep the hair even, I want something that can also keep create lines on my neckline/cheek line. Can iStubble create lines or just trim?
Any insight would be appreciated. Reasonably priced please
^I agree, but knowing that many people in this industry are pretty image-conscious I wanted to have it covered. That said, I am using my one black fitted suit (not too fitted), light blue shirt, black brooks brothers tie ($50, small windsor knot) with diagonal light blue stripes, and some cap toe oxfords. I think it looks good (aside from apparently breaking a commandment with a black suit, but screw it I am poor)
So, ended up dropping 50 bucks on a pretty nice Brooks Brothers tie on sale. Also, I have this watch: Should I wear it or no?
I'm sure this question is a bit trivial, but banking interviews on Monday and Tuesday so I'm pretty amped up: What tie knot is standard?
So I'm a junior in college and I have a few interviews set up next week for internships at banks. I'm pretty strapped with cash and already have a suit from Zara which I've tailored a bit to fit well (yeah I know, but whatever I'm broke ) and dress shoes (cap-toe oxfords that cost more than my suit) which I'll be wearing. Basically my question is regarding the choice of shirt and tie: I know banking is a pretty conservative industry so I was thinking a light blue button...
Fair enough, but you're moving from the premise that people can call top and bottom...the can't. I'm sure given Europe's cluster fuck there will be move speculative rallying in gold, but eventually it will stop and people will come back to their senses and realize that it's a shiny piece of metal with no functional utility aside from psychological.I'm also long JPM.
looks like I'm the only one going short on gold over the long term. Gold is clearly a hedge on fear and a speculative choice safe haven. Once the fear subsides, people will dive back into equities, and thus gold will plummet. When that will be, God knows. But it'll happen eventually.
I would invest in equities now since the market is down...big blue chip companies with good prospects for future profitability. Speculation is going to pound these securities just like it has, and when they're down you should get in and wait out all this economic turmoil. As for bonds, I would skip them for now because there is a good chance the fed will introduce some more inflation, thus devaluing the purchasing power of your dividend. Go long bargain-priced large caps!
Thanks a lot guys, cheers
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