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$50 each
dan hawkins will be looking for a new job at the end of the season. disaster.
this group of women are very unattractive. how many bull dykes do we need?
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Typical douchebag from Jersey. I wonder if it's the water. He has a bit of skills, but nothing like the two brothers or the girl who works for Eric Ripert. These three are definitely in the final three, unless one royally screws up somehow. what about the guy with the beard?
Quote: Originally Posted by Guy_4HM Hey guys. Thought some of you might be interested in a new line we just picked up called Dr. Denim. It's a Swedish brand that i would lump in the same category as Cheap Monday, though the quality seems better to me, and the aesthetic seems a little more focused. Anyways, the standout piece from the current collection is a very simple, tapered, slim, but not tight chino. I just unpacked a box of the khaki and dark...
$50. logo patch looks pretty easy to remove.
they're replaying some season 2 episodes "You know what's really funny Marcel, the first day I got here I've been wanting to smack you across the face. Why don't you fucking go to a new school, learn some shit, go to France, go to Spain, go travel, go relax, go learn how to use some fucking salt, paprika, come back to me, you know, come to New York, maybe I'll show you how to cook a little bit. I'll show you how to grill something. But until then shut the fuck up, keep...
a study in the british medical journal showed that seven eggs a week combined with low-glycemic carbs and high fiber did not raise cholestoral levels at all. eat up!
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