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padma's expression when she surprised michael v. with the $10,000 chip was sexy
damn, kevin and jennifer's restaurant is going to lose to the brothers.
sell shirts for $50
workwear for the rich
damn, mjk is flipping burgers?
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur ^^^ Damn you need to lose some weight.. and at 31-32.. are you some skinny ass beer gut hipster? that's fucking disgusting. a bit harsh
Quote: Originally Posted by gtenney I guess some people were offended with the Che Guevara reference. as they should be
take 1,000 milligrams of buffered vitamin c every hour until you reach the point where you have slightly loose stools. record the total amount of milligrams taken up to that point and that will be the daily dose throughout the duration of the cold. take your personal dose throughout the day ever day until the cold is gone. for example, if i had a slightly loose stool at 5,000 milligrams, I would decrease that amount to 4,000 milligrams and that would be my daily dose. i...
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