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i'd rather have cheney than obama but obama has the media is his back pocket. the media also hates cheney with a passion so there's no chance of cheney winning.
Quote: Originally Posted by A.K.A. We often feel the same way about favorable reporting of Alabama's efforts. The Tebow lovefest overshadows everything right now in college football. Don't feel slighted. ron franklin should replace verne lundquist on cbs. verne not only screws up a bunch but has an obvious bias for tebow/florida.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Overall, this season has really sucked. There are almost no interesting storylines. -Florida is good, but not All Time Epic Good because of some poor performances, so nobody can really debate them being amongst the all time great teams. -Bama is good, but their QB is so mediocre that it makes them boring. -Bradford and Gresham being out takes away the chance for Bob Stoops to get beat in another big game...
weed out the rinos
Quote: Originally Posted by Noochie sleeves only 25 inch? 26.5
lock him in a room with thekunk
banning ed hardy just makes it that much more badass to wear.
hate crime
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