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they also make this jacket look bad
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim You get used to it man. Better than trying to smoke that shit. It takes FOREVER to light! freebase brah
is j.crew employing/producing all the ridiculously tall women? the SA that helped me recently was probably 6'2".
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz I eat more tuna and mahi-mahi than the right kinds of oily fish - I've been thinking about trying the mega-dosing (10+ g of EPA/DHA) that some people crow about. But I want to get a good source of liquid oil, rather than trying to down that many caps/day. liquid has 95% absorption and you can tell if the oil is spoiled or not. with pills, you'd have to open the pills up to test.
remember that the water you use during showering gets into the bloodstream.
springer mountain farms for the southern posters
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