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Add some squats and deadlifts into the rotation. There is probably more benefit from those two than most lower body exercises combined.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tibo I thought ASW was a kind of Howard Yount for older people with older tastes. Perhaps, but there is a lot of tidbits you can pick up that are universally applicable such as his ideas on colors and textures. I don't dress much like the typical ASW reader or Will, but find the blog entertaining and informative.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I'm watching the first season of Top Chef now- the wine tasting faggot Steven has a face I want to punch until my arms fall off. Wow, you've singlehandedly brought the level of discourse on this forum down about a million notches.
No, never did.
It happens all the time, but like many things, it's not hurting me so why care? Jaques Pepin said he will prepare steak however his guest likes, even well. People have a right to enjoy their food how they like, not how others think they should like it. i know where you are coming from though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser Fitzgerald is an amazing receiver, but had a brain fart on the Harrison runback at the end of the first half. If Fitzgerald bumps Harrison out of bounds instead of trying to strip the ball, the half ends with the Steelers up 10-7. How? Unless you are talking earlier on the runback Fitz was on the outside of Harrison. He was actually out of bounds when he tried to tackle him.
Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney There's no doubt the Steelers were the more physical team, and won the game. Unfortunately, the officiating was not up up to the caliber of the game. It cheapens the Steelers victory and leaves a taint on an otherwise worthy team. Even Bob Papa, the giants play-by-play guy and an NFL radio employee was less than approving of the officials this morning. I watch the NFL less and less because it seems to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad I agree, technically, but how often is that actually called? 0.23% of the time? Moot anyway. But I absolutely agree it was a big fail by the announcers not point in out (contrast with, say, the Leinart winning touchdown over Notre Dame a few years ago, where the announcers were all over the fact that Bush's helping him get over the line was technically a penalty but highly unlikely to be called in that...
Great game. Only whiners would mention the officiating and especially the potential helmet calls. If it's such a big deal why didn't Warner get one for taking his off when he argued the first overturned penalty call? Winners find a way to get it done.
They're both going to be horrible. The first Transformers was atrocious and GI Joe looks like it's trying way too hard to be cool.
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