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Price is firm. Paypal only. International add $25 for tracked shipping (sorry, not negotiable). No pick-ups They have been worn a bit and have some creasing set in, but that could easily come out with a soak. No stains, holes, rips, or any wear whatsoever beyond the creasing. Size 30. Measurements below, but keep in mind that these could shrink down a bit with a cold soak. (This is speaking from experience off a different pair.) 15.5" waist aligned flat 11" thigh 8" knee...
If anyone has any pairs left, preferably grey or black, please let me know. (Not sure if 29s existed, but the 30s fit like 29s.)
+ U.S. Buyers only. + Paypal only. + Prices are firm. + Feel free to ask any questions. $28 shipped each + 4% or gift/personal payment. "Washed Favorite" Shirt. Grey/Navy/White Microcheck w/ Chambray neck detailing. 20" chest 16.5" shoulders 29" neck base to hem 25" sleeve "Tailored Fit" Navy stripe shirt. 20.25" chest 16.5" shoulders 29.25" neck base to hem 24" sleeve "Tailored Fit" Maroon stripe shirt. 20.25" chest 16.5"...
Unhemmed. PM if you have a pair for sale.
Prices are firm. No trades. Paypal only. International add + $15-20 depending on item in order to cover Express Mail charges, which is the only way I can track the package out of the country. Black Military Mock Neck - Medium Everyone should know this sweater, they have it every season. It was worn ~15x. Still in great shape, there is some like inherent pilling, but otherwise in fantastic shape. (I don't smoke.) *This fabric definitely has some stretch in it....
Knocked the price down to $190 shipped within the U.S. Anything below this, I'd rather keep the item, so please, I'm not interested in offers
Not sure if you're refering to Dior sizes of 32 or 33, or if you mean a 32 in actual measurements at the waist. They're 16 across aligned, which equals a 32" if that's your concern, but there has been a bit of slight stretching in the waist. I can post pictures of how the waist was measured like I did for the thigh if anyone is interested.
Just to reiterate, I'm not interested in anything below the posted purchase price. Especially those sending me offers that are half of what I'm asking. My price is fair, and worth if for these jeans, so please don't waste my/your time with any lowball offers. (Sorry for the free bump, but I just wanted to make that clear to anyone else interested in the jeans but not ready to pay the full asking price.) Thanks.
Ha, I'm kind of surprised its taking this long to sell them as well, spring's around the corner and they are perfect spring jeans. The fabric is a bit on the lighter side, so there's definitely a bit of give to it in terms of stretching, but a whole inch on the thigh is probably pushing it.
Got a question regarding the ref number on the greys, so here is photograph of the tag....
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