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Brand new with tags, 5EP Low Down Bootcut in Resin One Wash, 32x32. Waist: 32" Inseam: 33" Rise: 10.75" Knee: 8.5" Leg: 8.75" Cheap! Ends today: 5EP Low Down Bootcut in Resin One Wash
Can anyone comment on the difference between the Leather Soul snuff suede PTBs vs the J Crew suede bucks? Specifically, is the color of each of these accurate in the pictures? And, what are the differences in color? Can anyone comment on the individual shoes themselves? Thanks in advance.
Is one of those copper? Or are they both brown? And, do you know if they run true to size? Thanks!
Those are great Ahab. Where did you get them? Are those Leydon?
Looks great! What size is it? and, what is your chest measurement?
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Hey Mike, what pants are you wearing here? N&F? If so, are you ever getting more sizes?
I picked up the black and tan version from Epaulet a couple of weeks ago. So far I really like them -- the leather is great (on par with my ultimate indys from LSH). I thought I'd share some pics: BTW, Mike from Epaulet was great to work with! I initially ordered a size too small and he allowed me to exchange them for a larger size. He is very professional and he and his staff offer great customer service. I'd definitely recommend them. And, if you're...
Wow, sorry I offended you guys on the question. I didn't realize it would be that big of a deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Dolce and Gabbana Thanks! I should have also asked.... where to cop?
Does anyone know what pants Leo is wearing here? Thanks in advance
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