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Eat Southeast Asian food? If it’s a typo for getting exercise, what do you think is happening during the process? Stress! You’re stressing your body. You’ll only exacerbate the problem.
It seems like old stock black leather JPs are impossible to find. Is there anything else that is comparable? I’m not paying Buttero prices for a nicer shoe with a similar aesthetic. I would beat the hell out of ‘em.
Nah... Kirk would have died a long time ago.
I’m very confident with the team that I’ve put together for the opening week. It’s hard to know what role these guys will play in their systems, but it is easy to come up with a potentially table leading team.
I didn’t even need the code, is something wrong? Fuck this Raghav Kalia cat is always fielding two teams.
Restless. Cute. Melancholia. Garbage. GVS 1 - LvT 0
Do you have any? Are they generally noiseless? Is radiation a concern? Do they interfere with TV/radio reception?
Ranking the SFF films: 1. Aujourd'hui/ Today 2. Postcards from the Zoo 3. L (dir. Babis Makridis) 4. Mosquita y Mari 5. Modest Reception 6. The Warped Forest 7. Valley of Saints 8. Neighbouring Sounds 9. Ok, Good 10. Alps
Yesterday, Edwin’s Postcards from the Zoo + a stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens. You can’t beat that.
New Posts  All Forums: