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Quote: Originally Posted by theinsider Looks amazing. Any US stockists? drool
Quote: Originally Posted by rockket Thanks - just ordered the last size 8.5 Sahara in beeswax from Atlanta, I'll be curious to see how they turn out. If anyone's still after these, they seem to still have boots in stock at $14.95 + $8 S&H. link?
I think it looks terrible. The Gap has blasted itself back to the mid-nineties(KHAKIS!), with nothing exciting or even remotely inspiring going on. I was in a Gap this weekend talking to one of the sales associates and he mirrored my sentiments that the entire men's collection was blah. He said he was looking forward to the chance of a mid-winter collection coming out in a few months, but remained tentative as to the possibility. It seemed like the last few years...
[quote=NukeMeSlowly;1279171] Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley take our rickshaw jobs
Just this weekend I got the most amazing-fitting shirt from United Colors of Bennetton at the Mall of America outside Minneapolis. I've never shopped there before, but I was very pleased with what I found. Usually I'm a small or a medium (5'5", but about a 16" neck) so it's difficult to find shirts that fit slim and can close on top. I ended up in a Large from UCoB. It's an athletic fit, with broad shoulders, a taper above the waist, and a small flare below the...
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