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I have a few of these shirts myself. The collar is awesome! Great seller, too.
I cannot overstate how pleased I am that I missed out on all the shoes.
Those suits are an excellent example of somebody trying to be "creative" with the common everyday suit and failing miserably. "I'll put a flap on the breast pocket! And pleats! And four buttons! And I'll press the everloving fuck out of the lapels! I'm a genius!"
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncaring Every cashmere sweater I've bought at J. Crew has fallen apart. This message brought to you by Gap, Inc.
Flip-flops belong in the women's collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Another question I wanted to ask since it's been brewing in my mind for a long time. Please take this question in the light of a limited budget. Of course, if you have more money than you could spend it's absolutely irrelevant. If I buy nice shoes or expensive suits it makes sense to me. I wear them on the outside and people can see them. My wallet is an entire different thing. I prefer to manage my financial and...
I pretty much alternate day-to-day between cotton or linen trousers and shorts during the summer months. Shorts are fine. You can easily wear them without looking underdressed. The real crime? Flip flops on men. Flip flops are for girls, bro.
Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith I am just getting into sewing, although not using a machine at the moment. Just small jobs, like repairing buttons on my shirts etc.. Does anyone know of a place to get good quality thread either online or in a store (I am in NYC) thanks If you are hand sewing, you want to use silk thread. I use Gutermann.
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 its a damn small pic, but i say with almost certainty that theyre oliver peoples Speaking of which, does anybody know where one can buy Oliver Peoples online? Or are they one of those "no online sales" jerks?
Quote: Originally Posted by dt1027 Just started today, was wondering if anyone had any history of purchasing from the site. I've been looking for a Navy Blazer so I picked this one up (, unsure about the label though, never seen that kind of BB label before though I'm guessing they sew on a different label to keep people from trying to return in store. I'm sure the price was inflated, but figured what the hell. Anybody have any...
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