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In case anyone was curious, there's a brand-spanking-new Nordstrom opening here in Nashville on September 16, and I am working there selling ties and such. These photos are not morning-fresh, but anyway...
They're not supposed to be, but the EG numeric sizes are basically US sizes. I'm not sure about the "F" width, but these would be the right size for 9.5 US.
An excellent example of how to do it!...and how not to do it:(one of my more egregious failures, presented as a cautionary lesson)
Fonts are too generic. WAY TOO MUCH CAPS LOCK. Images look like cheesy stock photos. Page doesn't fit on my netbook screen. I don't like the "TROUSERS; Browse our products >" thing. I really don't like the use of Verdana or whatever that is. Check out Drake's London's website for a good example of a website that is laid out almost identically to yours but looks much more polished.
The ties are INCREDIBLE. God I wish I weren't on a buying hiatus. The website is horrible, though. Sorry. It looks like a Chinese Internet Tailor's website. Who did I like that one very much.
No way! I like the Hermes one too -- I just figured this is Styleforum, where a three-color pocket square is considered "loud". The crumpled thing is this oddball Japanese pocket square that I got at MoMA. It's folded silk. It actually looks pretty cool, kind of like a Hydrangea or something. I usually only wear it with a velvet sportcoat for festive evenings.
A while back, somebody posted the Fall preview, and I stated that I would kop the 2-3 sack patch pocket camelhair sportcoat at full price. Not at $1450 I won't! Bleh!
Nah, I haven't left -- but it's like 100 degrees here on average, and you don't wanna see a bunch of pictures of me in Madras!I was interviewing for a fun job! They're opening a new Nordstrom in Nashville, I was interviewing to sell men's furnishings. Tie salesman!
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