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Black Tie Guide will tell you that the perfect tuxedo is a one-button, peak lapel tux with grosgrain lapels, no vents, jetted pockets, and single-pleat trousers without belt loops. This describes, exactly, the Jos A. Bank "Signature Peak Lapel Tuxedo".
I mean, $425 isn't crazy out of line for wool pants at full retail. I'd go with two pairs of Howard Yount myself and have change left over.
I think it looks fine. I rather like the shorter length. The dude looks young and actually a short blazer looks great with denim. The length even works if you're going for an updated preppy style (see this month's GQ). Do get the sleeves shortened though. The short jacket with too-long sleeves is unacceptable.
Would somebody buy these damn shoes already?!
Yeah those measurements are for a 44R. I'm a 42 and it would be way too big for me. Totally killer coat, though. Wish it fit!
There is a shoe shine stand! Bubba is the shine guy, he seems skilled. We'll also be only the second Nordstrom to have a full-service restaurant (with bar).I'm all for a meetup! No SF discount, though.
So... Tempting...
It won't be addressed until cooler weather arrives -- the shoes aren't really appropriate for a 100 degree day. I will let you know what happens, however!
The shoes are C&J Selborne.
It definitely is. It's Drake's for RLPL and is a nice tie. It got a ton of compliments, although I suspect it won't get much WAYWRN love.I really need to work on my four-in-hand. Those who have followed my sartorial journey may remember that my dad taught me the half-Windsor, which I always thought was a four-in-hand, my dad being a real average Joe type dude. So my half-Windsor is good, my four-in-hand not. Luckily I will get a LOT of chance to practice. I want mine...
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