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I see them at thrift stores a lot. I am guessing they're right alongside Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent that once made a lot of mid-range men's tailored clothing.
I was coming in to this thread to recommend a glen plaid tie. OP, you have good taste.
No kidding. But I somehow recently acquired a very similar pair of 42.5 Vass from a certain stylish bovine, so I suppose I'll have to hold off... for now.
Determining the coat's value is as simple as "APC PEA COAT SLIM SKINNY MOD HIPSTER $9.99 NR"
So here's a good question for the shoe connoisseurs.. I am ready to jump on the double monk bandwagon. Being a C&J fanboy, I'll of course have the Lowndes. The question is... dark brown burnished calf, or espresso calf suede? For some reason I feel as though they should be burnished calf, but having only two pairs of brown suede (Tetburys and some no-name wingtips) it seems like that would be a better choice for my winter wardrobe, which is corduroy/tweed heavy. What...
Martin Greenfield are tailored but not slim. They are an updated classic style with beautiful handwork and roped shoulders. The amount of handwork is incredible. Belvest is a slimmer Italian fit. They are also great suits. Really you should wait for more "hickey" to show up on Gilt, as they are very modern. Also the Hickey-Freeman "C" body. Both show up on Gilt frequently. But of the two you mentioned, you will be happiest with Belvest, and you'll get a top-quality...
Is it on this page?
I love it when people post idiotic threads then get all offended and spazzy and start calling people fatsos and stuff. But seriously, a sky blue tie would be perfect for the DJ at a Bar Mitzvah.
If you think I'm trolling, you're wrong. I own the Jos A. Bank Signature Peak Lapel Tuxedo, and I think it's great. Maybe not Daniel Craig holy fuck awesome, but I paid $199 for it, and an Isaia tuxedo with the same characteristics is $3,600. I don't find full canvassing to be worth a $3,400 upcharge for something I only wear a few times a year.
Hey! Ed! Make some waistcoats! It's almost Autumn!
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