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Pick your two favorites, get them tailored, and then buy the rest new.
Just buy a black coat. You know that's what you want.
Got my pants today! Awesome fabric, awesome fit. Great seller. A++++ WOULD BUY AGAIN
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz Don't forget the seconds store on eBay. I bought the two sided brush from them and I can't see any blemishes. Me too.
It's a great opportunity to wear your white bucks/spectators/etc.
Link or it didn't happen.
I have two, that as mentioned I wear during cooler months, mostly for festive events. Mine are a dark blue from Express and a black from Banana Republic. Both are modern looking. I wouldn't spend a ton of money on something that's not very versatile, and likely to have drinks spilled on it.
Life's too short to worry about keeping creases in cotton pants.
Does the tag really say "5% something else"? Because if so, that's awesome.
Interesting! I was wondering who the Royal Lubricant Blender was.
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