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The Reliable Digital Velocity V100 is my iron of choice. You can override the auto-off, it has an LED display, and it puts out an obscene amount of steam at the highest setting.
Quote: Originally Posted by JakeLA The sale is now, you should be able to find a friends and family code around here somewhere and that'll get you 25% off the reg. 2 for $129 price FRIEND04
I want a set of those Qualis Artifex watch movement cufflinks in a bad way. Are they still available?
Why not ask the seller of wherever you would be buying them from? I think Disco Stu (Virtual Clothes Horse) has Borrelli.
Both of mine that ripped were the cotton-linen blends. Based on the comments above, I'd say those are the most likely to bust. As to having the stitching reinforced, I did it myself and they are solid as hell now.
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands 30% off a single full price item: Code BLOOM, PIN 3098 Expires 11:59 pm CST tomorrow. Which you should use to buy one of their terrific Madras shirts.
Quote: Originally Posted by 997CTSurg Well, the few I have are pretty tight fitting.....very form fitting.......you can tell I'm circumcised for instance. Yep! These were not the nut-hugger cut, though. My wife agreed they had plenty of room in the seat/crotch. Like Lufty said, there was no resistance, and I wasn't stretching them or anything. If I had to guess, I'd say the asscrack seam wasn't backstiched, and there was nothing really...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Second pair: Stitching comes undone when I sit in my office chair and bend forward a bit to grab a paper off my desk. Only a small seam split, but again, no resistance whatsoever. This happened to me too, while reaching for a cup of coffee. I busted out the Bernina and mended the fuck out of them.
I'm with everybody else. Wear it in and tell him you really like the coat's fit and style, but don't demand that he just copy it... that's what Chinese Internet Tailors are for.
You know that in like five years we'll be all like "the 'natural shoulders' date that suit. No vents and roped shoulders create the streamlined look that remains timeless."
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