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They aren't my taste at all, but they turned out great. Pretty impressive what slave labor can do!
Quote: Originally Posted by AboveBeyond I'm thinking about getting this as my first Cordovan. What do you guys think? Alden Cordovan Perf Tip Bal Oxford As I think of shell cordovan as more rugged/casual shoes, I like these Aldens better, especially with jeans: NOTE: The red laces were a mistake.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek Driving mocs are for driving and not for walking long distances. They do not have the support or durability needed for long walks. Definitely. Tods in particular will wear out with a quickness on pavement. And on that note, I just Mac'd up my Alden #8 shell loafers, and I give them a massive thumbs up.
I have this feeling that if this challenge were to happen, a bunch of us (thanks to our wives) would be able to pose for shots rolling around in Hermes handbags and shit.
That purple coat is BONKERS!!!! I love it, and for that price I'm surprised it's still here.
Don't overthink it. The Jos A Bank signature peak lapel tuxedo hits every single one of the SF/Blacktieguide approved points: One button, grosgrain lapels, no vent, no pocket flaps, single pleated pants without belt loops. Sure, it's made in Mexico and most surely fused, but nobody is going to know that, and it doesn't matter that much on a suit you'll wear maybe every couple of months, if that. They also sell matching grosgrain cummerbunds and self-tie bow ties. Spend...
If you are young and cool, roll them up. Not inside, but outside. Wear a light solid colored (linen?) shirt and it ought to look pretty cool.
Replace your photos on the original server with photographs of Michael Jackson, or kittens, or gay porn. Problem solved.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Have it at !! You just helped me fill a tassel loafer sized hole in my collection. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius I would LOVE to see that. If you have an Off 5th near you, they have them all the time.
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