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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker dunno, Givenchy? Preposterous!
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 x4 x5
Mabitex hemmed to shorts length.
Quote: Originally Posted by hugeevilrobot Something from a ScyFy original movie, sharktopus maybe? Not a bad guess! But actually, these shoes are Dalek.
That's a fantastic watch! I say just save up for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mktitsworth conflating actual learning with approval seeking behavior is asinine. So if I believe that Ed Hardy is an artistic genius and Henri Matisse is no more talented than a scribbling Kindergartener, I'm being an independent free-thinker and suchlike, eschewing the groupthink of the artistic establishment? Or do I just need to take an art appreciation class, because my opinion is badly uninformed?
Thanks for the links here! I have unending problems with the square leather laces on my boat shoes coming untied for no real reason. I've just tied a "Ian's Secure Knot" in a pair and we'll see how that works.
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Possible that it's a decent suit pinned tightly around a mannequin that's too small. That might cause the Voltron fins. The collar does seem unnaturally far back. Check the seller's other listings and see if he's just a dumbass about presentation. I think you're right about this. I noticed after the fact that it's a size 58.
I doubt that's Zegna. It looks fused to me and no pics of the tags including this alleged $3500 price tag.
This thread restores my faith in humanity. Amazing job, Sotiris, and thanks for sharing these before and after shots!
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