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Been lookin' for a pair of RRL low straight - thanks.
thanks, got my pbj's today and the denim is incredible. now somebody just needs to take the sda's off his hands.
Quote: Originally Posted by jkennett Last night I bought 3 pairs of RRL selvage jeans, a Rugby cardigan, 2 RRL shirts, and a Polo RL bright sky blue linen military style jacket. added pics as requested by xchen. didn't happen without pics, eh? haha. i also added a picture of a really heavy black suede shirt (shirtjac?) that i picked up a little while back. How's the fit on those RRL's? I'm thinking of getting them for my next...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sigmatic how good was the work? oh man, chainstitching a mile from my office I think he did a solid job. Perhaps you could ask to see a sample of his work if you decide to drop by.
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock there was a mention of another store (small tailor) in NYC that chainstitches. Madeline from Chuck's Vintage on melrose said she does chainstitching and Denim Doctors def does it, I had it done last week. There is supposed to be one more small tailor shop in the bay area that does it as well. Check back when sufu is back in business. I got my IH's done at Jaime's last year when I lived in the Bay Area. ...
Hey DB, I was told that RRL does not make a 31W for any of their jeans this season. Is that true?
Quote: Originally Posted by rnrswitch Yep. Selvedge Crotch. No big deal. [IMG][/IMG] Whoa, that's insane. Is there any pratical reason to have selvedge there? I like that for some odd reason.
That's what I was thinking. Now all I have to do is wear the hell out of them and go on my way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD If you have them on hand there are a few good ways to tell. If they've been washed/dried the denim should be a little bit fuzzy, instead of flat. Also, the bottom hems should be a bit wrinkly and puckered. I'm at work right now, but I do recall the demin being fuzzy and quite "hairy". The jeans were stiff, but not uncomfortably rigid like when I first got my RRDS. I'm inclined to believe that these are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Sounds like they've already been washed/dried. That makes perfect sense, especially given the logic that rnrswitch posited. Perhaps I got a 'one wash' pair as opposed to a 'dry' pair that I asked for. But if the former is the case, I'm completely satisfied with what I got.
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