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Quote: Originally Posted by robin Thanks for putting up the Wings and Horns pictures. Are you able to share pricing on the pieces yet? Unfortunately, we can't release pricing at this point. Prices will be available when the pieces start to drop. Ryan
We’re happy to show you folks the full Fall/Winter ‘09 collection from Vancouver’s own Wings + Horns. A few photos have been trickling out on h(y)r collective and a few other sites, but here’s a comprehensive preview of the entire collection; be sure to take a look at the new cotton/cashmere offerings and the insulated chambray outerwear. Expect these pieces to start showing up in-store and on this thread on or about the 31st of this month. See all of the pieces after...
Got it right here for ya. Talk to you soon. Ryan
Quote: Originally Posted by daft I'm assuming those prices are Canadian right? What is the shipping to the US? You assume correctly. Shipping depends on the piece and where it's going, but usually between $20-$35 CAD. Ryan
Quote: Originally Posted by pg600rr o you have a list of the bags that are avail and their prices? Check it here. Ryan
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Hey, are you guys going to be carrying size XS for any of the W+H FW09 collection? And if not, will it be possible to place a special order for XS if I see a piece I like? The stereotype is that of the fat American. And certainly when visiting Vancouver, the people there are indeed somewhat slimmer than the US people living right across the border. Yet, ironically the only place I've ever been able to purchase W+H...
Two days left on the shoe sale! Updated W+H inventory counts: Black Boots: 9.5 11 Brown Boots: 11 High Top Grey: 11 12 High Top Black: 11 12 High Top White: 10 Low Top White: 6 10 11 12 Low Black: 7 10 11 12 Brian
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 Can I make a suggestion? If you guys do any additional distressing in-store to products in the future, would you please make that clear in this thread and also on your blog? I don't think it's right to modify a manufacturer's product without making that totally obvious to buyers up front. How would you feel if you bought a new car from a dealer and later found out the engine had been modified by the dealer in order...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill the DJ Two questions regarding your Geller stock -Do you have any Marcello frames lying around and does the discount apply? -Will you be getting the blue leathers in? We don't have any Geller frames left in stock and our only shipment for Geller this season was t-shirts, glasses, and shoes. Kind of a bummer.
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