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More items up to 60% off:
cross-post from our affiliate thread.
Not totally sure if this counts as a sale (let me know and I'll delete the post), but we're running some deep discounts on previous season Blanc & Noir sneakers on our thread:
Hey guys, we're doing free shipping on all orders to the USA + Canada until October 3. There's no coupon code - it's automatically added to your order on check-out. See our latest arrivals here.
Hey dudes, we just put some new wings + horns pieces up on our online store. Check 'em out!
Hey guys, we're doing 20% off everything in our shop for the next ~36 hours, check out our thread here for the coupon code.
Maybe you guys wanna check out our new thread over here We're closing out this thread and starting a new affiliate thread to better serve the SF community - check it out!
Hi Guys, We’ve seen from some of your comments that a few of our Styleforum customers have had some bad experiences ordering from us recently. I’d like to take the opportunity to let everyone on Styleforum know that we work very hard to make our online shopping experience the best we can and we take any and all complaints such as these very seriously. I’d like to offer our sincere apologies to any of our customers who feel that they have received poor service. Mistakes...
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