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The sale starts now: http://rdn.gr/ay-sale
Just outerwear for now
Spring outerwear is 30% off with code SPRING-RAIN until Sunday: http://rdn.gr/spring-rain
Save 30% on outerwear until Sunday the 11th: http://rdn.gr/spring-rain
Hey guys, we just got a restock of JE stuff with more arriving early next week: http://rodengray.com/collections/john-elliott-co
RESTOCK | John Elliott + Co. Villain Hoodie, Escobar Sweatpants, & more. View all here: http://rodengray.com/collections/john-elliott-co
New Stuff: Thom Browne nonnative Saturdays Surf NYC John Elliott + Co. OVADIA & SONS Band of Outsiders Hamilton 1883 United Stock Dry Goods And many more...
What are you after? Email info@rodengray.com or PM me and we'll see what we can do.
Just an FYI to you guys, especially the Canadians among you - we're running pre-orders on John Elliott Villain Hoodies and Crews as well as Escobars through Monday: http://bit.ly/johnelliott
Speaking of John Elliott + Co. We're offering pre-orders for the: Villian Hoodie in Black, Grey, and White Villain Crewneck in Black and Grey Escobar Sweatpant in Grey/Black Duo and Black Shop pre-orders here: http://bit.ly/johnelliott
New Posts  All Forums: