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Hey Canadian JE fans, we just got a restock of Villain Hoodies in black and grey, new styles going up on our site later this week. Collection: bit.ly/johnelliott
Restock: John Elliott + Co. | http://bit.ly/johnelliott
Sun Buddies @ Roden Gray | bit.ly/sunbuddies
We're doing a sale today - 20% off Spring/Summer items with code S14-SHOP-HOP. Details here: http://bit.ly/shophops14 See what's new: http://rodengray.com/collections/new-arrivals
Use code S14-SHOP-HOP to get the savings, see what's new here.
Gastown Shop Hop Spring 2014 Edition | Save 20% this Thursday Details here: http://bit.ly/shophops14
Ours match up here.
There's actually a shortage of Cordovan leather at the moment. We've tried to get cordovan in, but Alden's having a tough time getting their hands on enough leather apparently. We're definitely trying to bring some longwings in so keep in touch.
Thanks! We like to think we offer a good experience to our Canadian customers, but it's always good to hear it first hand. We're currently waiting on an order from Alden that includes a batch of Indy Boots, but I don't have a firm date for it to arrive. We'll be announcing it here and on our social media channels when it does arrive though, so stay tuned!
John Elliott + Co. now online.
New Posts  All Forums: