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Just an FYI to you guys, especially the Canadians among you - we're running pre-orders on John Elliott Villain Hoodies and Crews as well as Escobars through Monday: http://bit.ly/johnelliott
Speaking of John Elliott + Co. We're offering pre-orders for the: Villian Hoodie in Black, Grey, and White Villain Crewneck in Black and Grey Escobar Sweatpant in Grey/Black Duo and Black Shop pre-orders here: http://bit.ly/johnelliott
We just got a restock from John Elliott of Villain Hoodies, though it looks like many sizes are now sold out. We have some of the Curve U-Neck tees and Mercer Tanks in Grey that arrived with the restock as well as The Cast denim in Graphite. We're waiting on model availability for photography for the website, but the new styles should become available online soon. Wwe've had a lot of requests regarding the Escobar sweat pants, we'll be getting some in our next delivery...
1. Yes, later this week.2. Check back here later today: http://rodengray.com/collections/ovadia-sons
Hey Canadian JE fans, we just got a restock of Villain Hoodies in black and grey, new styles going up on our site later this week. Collection: bit.ly/johnelliott
Restock: John Elliott + Co. | http://bit.ly/johnelliott
Sun Buddies @ Roden Gray | bit.ly/sunbuddies
We're doing a sale today - 20% off Spring/Summer items with code S14-SHOP-HOP. Details here: http://bit.ly/shophops14 See what's new: http://rodengray.com/collections/new-arrivals
Use code S14-SHOP-HOP to get the savings, see what's new here.
Gastown Shop Hop Spring 2014 Edition | Save 20% this Thursday Details here: http://bit.ly/shophops14
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