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Not sure if you are into canvas and leather but look at Filson. Also take a look at the luggage tab on Brooks Brothers website. For $500 to $600 you can get a quality case that looks good and lasts in terms of durability. No exotic leather.
Check out this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/34253/briefcase-porn-thread You also have to think about some things. Do you want a bag/briefcase for right now or do you want one that you can use throughout your career. If it is the later, be prepared to shell out some cash.
I will be as serious as possible. What is going to happen to the briefcase/bag that you don't keep? On name brand alone I would pick samsonite. That being said, the 1st briefcase looks more traditional in regards to shape.
Well said. From the Top Drawer commissions I have seen, I would rank them slightly above JL Prestiege.
Brown shoes with a suit that light. Out of curiosity, what is the suit for? I hope it's not for a job interview. Belt & shoe color should be in the same color family.
Like you, I have both. At this level of shoemaking, assuming fit is spot on, it just comes down to preference. I would also argue that any shoe from the prestige line is better than EG. perhaps top drawer is better than the Prestige line. I do that they are more expensive (top drawer) and EG customer service is not as good as Lobb.
Yes, the Madison Ave store can take the measurements and do the fittings. 1st pair takes about 9 months from measurements to final product.
Explain why the Parisian Lobb is the real Lobb, please.
You mean Drakes sent you a tie that was cut?
Wear a proper length shirt to see a tailor. The tailor will then be able to gauge how long the jacket sleeve should be. Hope this makes sense.
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