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Go for it
JL hands down. I agree with Andy about the Reverso.
Totally agree. In fact (IMO) they're so bad that they had to have an Italian firm make their F and U last, iirc.I think they still are a great value.
Good for LE.
Depends on what it is for...what are you dressing for?
^ I wear the 606 and 202 in the same size. Yes the toe box is smaller compared to the 202 but the fit is still fine.
If the wedding is during the day, then a morning coat is most appropriate for a formal affair such as a wedding. You need to find out if this is an Americanized wedding or a traditional Chinese wedding. Also, you better learn some cultural rules and follow them. Do NOT wear a white waistcoat. White is associated with death/funerals.
Not better, just an alternative. BB are nice but with the exception of the button down, their collar points are not long enough. It seems like a lot or at least enough people like Charles Tyrwhitt shirts. Those should be in your price range. At this price range quality will be about the same regardless where you go.
Nordstrom brand dress shirts. For that price point and maybe a little more you can have MyTailor make you some shirts.
Payment by bank wire? Good luck with that. You give buyers no recourse.
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