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http://www.today.com/food/award-winning-chicago-chef-charlie-trotter-dies-54-8C11535560 Very sad to hear this. I enjoyed his Restaurant and regularly use his cookbooks.
I am really starting to come around to Vass. The U and F last define Vass, IMO. The best part about it is that Vass did not even design these two lasts. I have to say though, that shoe you posted looks atrocious, IMO.
Have to disagree. My Darltons are the least bulky double sole wingtip around. I am comparing it to my AE MacNeil in cordovan and my Alden long-wingtip in cordovan.
Is there any type of sizing guide available for Vass Shoes? I'm on page 54 of the Ultimate Vass Thread...500 pages to go!
It's nice to see black shoes getting some love.An excerpt from StCrispinsBlessing blog:Mythbustin’One of the most persistent memes in the #menswear community and even in the mainstream is that Italians supposedly only wear black to funerals and weddings. Another brilliant piece of Italian marketing? A meme originally started by Italian shoe salesmen to boost demand for made-in-Italy, brown footwear? Who knows. Now it is true that in Italy mores with regards to footwear may...
Great choice. I also highly recommend theshoemart.
It is hard to start off with Saphir (Renovateur) products because you will not appreciate it compared to other products. One day after you are finished with the kiwi or AE, give Saphir a try!
You may not be happy with having shell for an oxford style shoe. The shell will appear to bend and crease and is not a desired look with such a formal shoe as the PA.
It is asinine not to vary dress shirts.
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