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WorkingTitle, could you tell me how tall you are?
Is it just the angle or are the buttons positioned differently on WorkingTitle's suit in comparison to Opoika's at the top of the page? They both look very nice. I'm getting something of a Dior vibe from WorkingTitle's. It would be interesting to know when we're looking at deviations from the house style, even if it's just a minor thing such as length. Both of the above jackets look normal length, rather than the shorter look which Jason often does.
Those unlined ties have a sort of slightly uneven appearance. Is this a feature of unlined ties and considered a desirable quality?
Quote: Originally Posted by lakewolf So if I write "John Lennon" on one of my jacket's tags it'll be worth $15,000 ? If Ringo is worth 10K then Lennon must be worth at least 50K.
Can someone tell me where that 7th fold is on a 7-fold? I can only picture even numbers.
Interesting. Perhaps it was made for Ringo Starr, but looking at the measurements it's hard to imagine it fitting Ringo Starr.
Quote: Originally Posted by camc thanks for that. i think i should probably just let it go unless i get the measurements. dissapointing but if theres one theres two so ill keep looking. just for reference would you say a size 15 is equal to a size small? (im extremely new to dress shirts). the sizing is so confusing to me. america has collar inches, europe centimetres, japan seems to just have 1, 2, 3 but here in australia all ive come across is...
I have to question the logic in using younger men to promote items not specifically aimed at that demographic. I think men tend to look up to older men and look down on those who are younger, to a certain extent at least. As an example, think of how many boys want to be James Bond compared with men who want to be...well, I can't think of a young male icon. I respond much more favourably to adverts featuring men my own age or older, and I think I'm far from alone in this. I...
Here is a Prada shirt in that size: Ebay is a good place to find out how brands fit. I've actually been driven once to ask about measurements for an item I had no intention of buying, to aid me in getting the right size from yoox. (is that terrible?) But you can't assume that all shirts within the same brand will fit the same. So beware.
Here's an accessory that sticks out.
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