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I just got a flu shot couple days ago. My arm was sore for one day, probably due to the needle, and that was about it. I was told that severe reaction to a flu shot is a rare occurence. It sucks to catch flue. Hoping it wont happen this year.
M. Ward Might not be exactly Country, but I like him a lot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh0pJsyS9mQ
For the EG experts out there, what do you think is the warmest material the bedford is made out of this season? The sweater knit looks pretty warm. Any one with experience with it? Thanks in advance.
^Where did you get the baseball caps? Looks nice.
What do you think of this brand Scapegoat? http://www.scapegoatbrand.com/index....mart&Itemid=27 Does any one have any experience with them?
Quote: Originally Posted by yawn I'm interested in this brand too. It's nothing exciting, but their prices are quite reasonable. Their collection is available here Thanks. I hope the shipping cost to US isnt too bad.
I really like the look of Our Legacy. I am interested in their buttondowns and knits. How is their fit/quality? Are there any US retailers that stock them? Sorry if there is a thread about them already. I searched for them but couldnt find one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason but like skinny black jeans, white hi-tops untucked, white shirt, and a vest... Screw Big Bang
Quote: Originally Posted by pridecake got my stuff too. Thanks for an easy transaction. Seller was very attentive on updating the status of the order. Will be ordering again definitely I agree wholeheartedly.
PM'd about NDG vest.
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