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I would really like a Chestnut shell Thompson PTB
Please add me to MTO02; 360 Welt, Straight Cap Toe, Antique Edge Trim.
Quote: Originally Posted by korce EG had a pair S/S '09 season - if you can track them down anywhere they might be on sale too, though they're a summer weight fabric. On ebay If you are a size 34, you are in luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by bach Can we get BiG measurements I dont have a measuring tape on hand. But I'll post them as soon as I can.
Up for sale is a pair of NDG raw indigo jeans. This pair is in size 32 and fits true to size. These are BNWT and from SS09. The retail price was over $270. SOLD Pics from Blackbird:
Looks very good on you. Why are you selling it?
Agnes b. in SF had 70% off everything. Store-closing sale, I believe. Quote: Originally Posted by pdsf Thanks! Apart from filippa k, any other places in San Francisco still offering good discounts? Am in town for a few days, looking for places to check out...
APC's sold. Another drop on 45RPM's
Another drop
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