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Please buy these so that I won't have to. 1. Mackintosh Jaffa Dunoon - great Orange 2. Sartoria Formosa Prince-of-Wales Suit - Tropical Wool 3. Sartoria Formosa Navy Plaid Suit - Classic 4. Beige Lambskin Valstarino - buttery soft 5. La Portegna Brown Carter - vegetable tanned.
Grey Suede Valstarino in 50;Blue Dunoon in 40;Beige Canvas High Tanino in 41;Please.I wanna try them on.
I'm down for Detroit + Navy Shell
These have been a past MTO by gentlemensfootwear (@steveyoo1983); although I'm not sure about the last.If you suggest a re-run in their affiliate thread, maybe it will garner enough interest for a group MTO.I might be tempted, too.
Hello gents,We just need one more person for this MTO with gentlemensfootwear(@steveyoo1983) to go forward.I think they will be a great make-up and hope at least one of you will join!
So do we just need one more person?Let's go commando for now and make it happen!
I could go for either.@steveyoo1983, which sole did the original make-up have?
Does any one want a re-run of these? Or these chukkas in Navy Shell?
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