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What about the plum MTO? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Gentlemen, I'm joining the Plum museum calf MTO (single monk-style) and am wondering which last I should choose. I've already got a cap toe on the Olfe last in size UK8, and there is quite substantial creasing on the right shoe: Would the Hiro last suit me better, as it is a bit wider?
All right, thanks for the advice, I'll try some methods later today. Of course, the wax is on the outside of the shoe. Were it on the inside, it would've been a lot trickier.
I have a pair of shoes which are full of candle wax. What is the best way to remove this? I don't really like the thought of putting a hair dryer next to them, afraid of cracking the leather. However, the layer of candle wax is quite thick, imagine walking in a big candle and letting them dry for a couple of weeks.... Does anyone have some ideas?
You've already planned your entire outfit for a family dinner 3 months from now? I don't know where this 'unbearable' occasion will be held but perhaps you seem to have forgotten to specify your socks and gloves? In the remote possibility that this is serious, it seems allright, albeit a tad affected (collar bar, fedora) Why don't you show us some pictures to assess the fit?
How about a NAS, or just a normal network drive with an Apple TV with PLEX or XBMC on it?
Reminds me of Mitterand's response to an article of Paris Match when they discovered he had an extramarital child: "Et alors"
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one You're baking these these things? Red card, man. If you were frying them, soaking is key, as Manton said, to stop oxidization (the reason restaurants just roll up a bin over the wall-mount fry cutter and drop fries into the water-filled bin immediately) and also because you don't those things sticking together when they're frying. The insides should soften, but you need that slight water vs oil dance to get the...
Aha, our national dish, french fries with mayonaise :-) -firm potatoes (not mealy) -rinse them before cutting them in slices -cut them in slices of 1cm by 1cm -dry them with a towel (don't rinse them, you'll need the starch to give them a nice golden colour) -first bake 7-8 min @ 150°C; second bake 2-3 min @ 180°C (don't forget to shake them while they bake) -i prefer either 'blanc de boeuf' (melted and filtered beef fat, it's white and firm at room temp but after...
Epic Mealtime Please post experience & videos...
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