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I recently bought a Rega P3 and am in the process of diving into the world of vinyl, does anyone have a recommended forum for discussing building out a new system? I need a preamp and cartridge. I was set on a Denon 110 but read that a Dynavector 10x5 is the way to go for the P3 series if anyone has any thoughts.
I once almost got turned away from a shitty bar in DC while wearing rick combat boots. The club was filled with sneakers.
A little late, but, it was really good meeting a bunch of you although I unfortunately showed up a little too late. We should definitely aim for another meet up sooner than later.
I'll be at Leopolds, although I might be late (like 9-ish). Any dress requirement? (Ie will I be frowned upon for wearing jeans and maybe a button down?)
Sounds good. I should be able to make it by 9.
Do you gents ever have any meetups or events on the weekends? I just moved here a month ago so it'd be nice to meet a bunch of you but it's pretty tricky for me to commute from the south bay back to the city. How late will you all be at Leopolds? I could stop by if you'll be out late.
Care to elaborate?And thanks again PSG. I was interested in buying this bed and a latex mattress with the logic that I should invest in my sleep/health. I checked Ikea but nothing there really does anything for me, although the high malm is moderately appealing.Any suggestions for a good chair and lamp? I've head my heart set on a Herman Miller Setu lounge chair for a while and would prefer an LED lamp.
Thanks for the feedback! Overall, what;s the consensus on goods from Bed Bath & Beyond? I've seen them discussed on here but don't really have an idea of what to look out for.
I'm getting ready to move across country and see this as an excellent time to start over fresh in terms of possessions and decor. I wasn't sure where else to go with this request so I figured you all would steer me in the right direction. I'll be moving to SF (the Mission specifically) and wanted ideas of where to look for furniture, linens, towels, and whatever basic necessities a civilized human needs. I've been looking at BoConcept, Room & Board, CB2, and Blu Dot for...
New Posts  All Forums: