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weird, i didn't get a newsletter
thanks for holding the draft when i was asleep, jerks.
Did TBS drop Jil?
I have that sweater but in yellow, mine is called the ochre mohair sweater.
TBS: FW14-20-NEH8M
Excellent, thanks!
I know you all love these questions, but, what's sizing like on the 110? I did a quick search and it seems like it's larger than the 2030 but since I don't own a pair of Alden's I don't really have a good benchmark to compare it against. I have a pair of Red Wings that are an 11.5 and the Vans I wear are also 11.5 if that helps.
I'm between an 11.5 and 12, my vans are an 11.5 and my margiela GATs are 45. What size would make the most sense for the 110 last?
cabourn tribute boot forever.
Has anyone done fantasy while in Europe? For now the logistics seem to be the biggest holdup for me.
New Posts  All Forums: