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I tried searching but hadn't had much success. I have the Cabourn tribute and BCSK boots and was wondering what people were using to care for them. Would Obenauf's leather oil work for the BCSK?
Sorry I picked up the 52 :/. If it's any consolation I'm a true Geller 50 so I might be returning it.
it was amazing.btw if you're still in sf let's grab a beer some time.
i'm heartbroken man. had i not been busy at the sf ballet i might have pulled millsap and carroll from my lineup the prior week and won 6-3 instead of 5-4 and been in the playoffs...
Hey Fok, thanks for doing this. At the risk of sounding problematic I noticed that my boots are being shipped to an address different than I had requested upon ordering would it be possible to look into this?
I should know better, but, I went to DSM before I moved back to SF they had a decent selection of MHL, don't think they had any mainline, not sure though.
Not exclusively Viberg related but does anyone have good boot sock suggestions? The SF collab will be my first foray into proper boots.
I recall them being fairly comfy when I wore my pair back in 08 or 09.
I don't think it's a particularly good trade but also introduces a lot of risk for NAMOR as Kawhi might not be able to produce for the rest of the season. I think SirIversons could have received more in return but that's not the point. Also, if you analyze the trade as Plumlee and Kahwi for HIbbert and Parsons the team receiving Hibbert and Parsons comes out slightly ahead.As for my trade, I originally offered Wade with the expectation that it would be rejected, I was...
chumps made of glass
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