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Got my first two pairs of SLP denim, would appreciate feedback on fit. D10 D02
Some internet searches seem to indicate they will stretch and become comfortable the only uncertain bit is how long (I've seen a few days to almost a year).
Received my first pair of Achilles after sizing down, how likely are they to stretch in width? They're a bit tight at the moment, length is pretty spot on.
Anyone know what the stretch on a pair of Geller Type 1 jeans is? If not, how likely are a pair of 98% cotton and 2% spandex washed jeans to stretch an inch in the waist?
Any place other than ecole sell the five year wash as a type 1 jean? I got a 32 from ecole and they're way too small (I have a pair of the black ones and they fit perfectly).
I got my first pair of Geller Type 1 jeans and love the fit, who else makes jeans with a similar fit?
Hard to say, SSENSE tends to make a lot of great products look fairly shitty.
Wait, does this mean sale price or retail price?
Any chance Oki-Ni has an additional drop or coupon code?
Pretty sure I ran into Geller in Aoyama yesterday, partially regret not wearing my brick bomber. Also, via Bus Stop is a pretty great shop.
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