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Has anyone done fantasy while in Europe? For now the logistics seem to be the biggest holdup for me.
Thanks for doing the early legwork k, I guess the new Cabourn store should be added to the list.
I'll be based out of London for the next three months and was hoping to get suggestions on how to blow all my money in the upcoming months with a broader scope than just London - I know it gets asked a bunch. Since I was planning to take a bunch of weekend trips outside of the UK I don't mind planning a side trip to another city if there's something worth checking out - ie going to Brussels and maybe figuring out a way to get to Antwerp or w/e.
Work's relocating me to London for the next quarter although I may have to bounce between London and Zurich. This will be my first time living abroad and I've never been to the UK before. Any must see places or things to do? I plan on traveling throughout Europe but don't have totally solid plans. I'm planning on doing a weekend trip to Scotland to visit some distilleries and definitely want to check out some of the Boiler Room shows that go on. I'm happy to answer...
Moved to SF for work and didn't have time to dedicate. Hopefully it's a 94 comeback
May be down, need to see how a few things at work shake out. Need to reclaim my crown
I ended up finding the jacket I was looking for, but in an XL. Thoughts on the sizing? In terms of sleeve length it looks pretty spot on with models from shops but it probably fits a bit loose in the body compared to how it should look.
extra 30% off at gravity pope.
Do Oliver Peoples sunglasses ever go on sale?
If anyone is still looking for the RT AF1 lows, the Barney's in SF had the white pair in stock. Didn't inquire about sizes though.
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