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Nike Air Max Plus
I'll be picking up the photog shirt in 50 from M&S some time this weekend, I'll leave an update if it doesn't fit.
Was Maas & Stacks the only retailer to pick up the leaf print photographer shirt?
I logged on to SF specifically for this. Might be too late but I'm interested in getting a league started.
If any Geller stockists are lurking, I really hope there's a pre-order for these
Got the offer on my Premier Rewards Gold but not Platinum, I typically receive worthwhile offers on the Platinum though.
Anyone interested in a large white mercer? I have one I'm planning on returning, I'd be selling for way under retail.
Got my first two pairs of SLP denim, would appreciate feedback on fit. D10 D02
Some internet searches seem to indicate they will stretch and become comfortable the only uncertain bit is how long (I've seen a few days to almost a year).
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