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I ended up finding the jacket I was looking for, but in an XL. Thoughts on the sizing? In terms of sleeve length it looks pretty spot on with models from shops but it probably fits a bit loose in the body compared to how it should look.
extra 30% off at gravity pope.
Do Oliver Peoples sunglasses ever go on sale?
If anyone is still looking for the RT AF1 lows, the Barney's in SF had the white pair in stock. Didn't inquire about sizes though.
anyone know if this is anywhere? i'm in sf if it helps.
I was about to buy those pants yesterday but I was too cheap to pay for $12 shipping
Looking for another jean recommendation. I really love the fit of my somet 008s but the rise is a little too low for me. Is there a jean with a similar cut but a slightly higher rise? Somet thread didn't yield much info.
I love my 008 but want something with a slightly higher rise, is there another jean that fits similarly with a slightly higher rise? Doesn't have to be Somet.
fuck, i really wanted those shorts... any chance the shorts get restocked this summer?
i'm in. the 2045 is a narrower last right? if so i pick that.
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