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Bummer... that's definitely going to be too big. Good luck!
Do you have measurements? Or at least an idea of what sizes you normally wear for reference?
Could I get measurements (waist, leg opening, etc.)?
Good to know. Thanks, man.
Nah, it's weird. Every pair of RRL jeans I've tried on (which, to be honest, only consist of the slim straight and the slim bootcut) were 28s and still a bit loose in the waist but getting hard to move in the leg region. I'm a 28 in New Standards as well.
Never bought any Rugby denim and was curious if anyone knew if they're vanity sized or not. I normally wear 28 in RRL, as I do in APC, and not sure if I could confidently get the same size in Rugby. Anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain if its your favorite, you must have some. what are they? I actually don't have any, but I like these Lanvin ones (only wish I could get them without the painted toes):
My favorite color combination in dress shoes is by far a black shoe with a brown leather sole. I'm going to a wedding in a month or so and wouldn't mind being able to sport a pair with my suit. Anybody got any that they've seen? And that are preferably under $400?
Ah, always such a warm sense of camaraderie and selfless fellowship inside the SF.
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